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Ultra Low Delay Wireless Camera Adapter

The CW-HD1000 attachable COFDM wireless camera adapter designed for Hitachi Dock-able HDTV Broadcast cameras, it is fully remote controllable with all Hitachi HD cameras remote controller.

CW-HD1000 with its streamlined body design light weight and low center of gravity hand held shooting with a wireless camera has never been more comfortable. Latest technology enables the device to leave a minimum level of delay and allows transmission of broadcast quality HD images in the real time.

DR2500HD / DR2505HD diversity receiver:

The diversity receiver has proven that diversity technology suppresses the spreading of fading and multipath. Even under the most difficult receiving conditions this combination offers the highest possible reliability.

The implementation of the latest technology allows the highest signal quality to be achieved with a minimum of system delay of down to 1frame at the same time.

The next generation of fibre technology provides the flexibility to be individually customer defined. The new system allows to position the receiving outdoor unit up to 1500m (using fiber) or 100m (using coax) away from the indoor unit without any limitations. Specifically developed for use in mobile applications and the compact design of this system allows it to be used with the greatest flexibility.

DR 2505HD Coaxial Type Diversity Receiver has 2 BNC Antenna inputs- Fiber Type Diversity receiver DR2500HD system has only one Hybrid Fiber cable input (like Fiber camera CCU) i.e. it can be easily connected to the Outdoor Fiber Antenna via hybrid Fiber camera cable

The compact modular design of the receiver allows it to built-into a 19 inch 1 U rack together with the Modular RX Remote unit or Modula Fiber RX unit as well as the
power supply.
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Frequency range:
2.2 to 2.6 GHz or 6,4-6-6,7 GHz
(other frequency available on request)
RF output power: 10/100/400 mW switchable (2 GHz range) 120mW maximum (6Ghz range)
Modulation: 64QAM,16QAM COFDM, 2K (QPSK Option with external input)
MPEG-2 Encoding :4:2:0 or 4:2:2
Video format:
1080i/50/ 59,94fps or
6,7,8 MHz switchable
Transmission bit rate:
UHF control:
Camera remote, tally (R/G)
Latency: One-Frame Constant with camera genlock
Power consumption: 35W
Mass: 2.4 kg approx.
Operation temperature: -20°C to +45°C (-4°F to +113°F)
Humidity: 5% to 95%
Dimensions (WxHxD): 210x210x200 mm w/o brackets
Set-up control: Inbuild display and keyboard configuration and control
Genlock:BB,Tree-Level Sync,VBS
External HD-/SD-SDI input (BNC) Option
External Down Converter input on Fiber ODU unit (option)


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