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2.6 million pixel 3MOS sensor HDTV production camera

The Z-HD6000 is a high-performance HDTV portable production camera. Hitachi has implemented the latest imaging technology by using newly developed 2.6 million pixel 3MOS sensors to create outstanding HD images for new achievements in high sensitivity and no vertical smear.

Hitachi's advanced digital signal processing

Each essential part of the Hitachi Z-HD6000 camera system has its own DSP processor. Unique, independent DSP IC's are used for camera head processing, the transmission system and Camera Control Unit (CCU) processing. Hitachi's new, power efficient digital signal processors are designed to work with future 2K imaging technologies, offering excellent return on investment.

The Z-HD6000 achieves an outstanding signal-to-noise ratio specification of 60dB using Hitachi's proprietary low-noise circuit technology. Standard sensitivity is rated at F12 (59.94Hz)/F13 (50Hz) at 2000 lx. Clear images are obtained with little noise, even at high gain. High horizontal resolution performance of 1100TVL (Luminance channel) is the pinnacle of picture sharpness and is an attribute of the most transparent signal processing path of any Hitachi digital camera manufactured to date.

Digital signal transmission
via hybrid fiber optical cable

The Z-HD6000 camera system utilizes industry standard HybridFiber-optic cable (HFOC) connectors made of high-strength materials, that insure durability and reliable performance under the most demanding TV production conditions. The maximum HFOC length with applied camera power and fully operational facilities is 4,000m (13,200 feet) with no utility power*. It provides 10x the distance of Multicore cable. Optical power meters at the camera head (via engineering menu) and CCU front panel indicate the optical condition of both transmitting and receiving signals independently to accurately depict proximity to the "digital cliff" (maximum cable distance) or provide basic HFOC diagnostics.

Dockable design

Hitachi's 2-piece chassis allows the use of Digital Fiber, Digital Triax and Wireless camera adapters to offer the greatest flexibility of any camera in this price class.

Superb high definition picture reproduction
and enhancement tools

  • Real-time Lens Aberration Correction (RLAC)
  • Luminance response tools like Black Strech and Ultra Gamma
  • Triple masking
  • Preset masking
  • Skin tone details
  • High-chroma detail
Other useful production camera features
  • Prompter and Floor Monitor Power
  • Floor Monitor Digital Video
  • Professional Audio Intercom Connectors
  • Focus Assist
Product images

3x 2.6Mpix MOS sensor
1080 / 50i 59,94i
Bayonet lens mount
>1100 TV lines resolution
S/N -60dB
F13 @ 2000lx at 50i,
F12 @ 2000lx at 59.95i
1x manual filter wheel w/4 filter positions
Clear, Cross, 1/16ND, 1/64ND
ECC (Electronic Color Correction) with 5 settings (3200K, 4300K, 5600K, 6300K, 8000K)
Weight 2.1 kg, (4.6 lbs) (head only)
Power consumption 16W only!

Note: This camera is shown with additional accessories.

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