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Economical digital HDTV / SDTV production camera

The Z-HD5000 is a high-performance dockable design portable HDTV studio and EFP camera. With its 1 million pixels 3-CCD, the Z-HD5000 provides outstanding performance. The camera offers sharper and cleaner HD images due to its 14-bit A/D converters and Hitachi’s implementation of the latest digital processing technology. The camera achieves outstanding high sensitivity and a low vertical smear

Camera head available with:


New design camera control units:

The Z-HD5000 offers the ability of 1080i/50Hz HD-SDI and simultaniusly SD-SDI format video for studio and field HDTV and SDTV productions.

The RU-1000VR remote control unit is a new design of remote operation panels for the Hitachi Z-HD5000. Painstaking attention has been paid to making the most commonly used controls and functions directly and instantaneously accessible to the video control engineer.
It is an ideal production tool that enhances any HD studio or field production.

  • HD-SDI output directly from camera head and CCU
  • SD-SDI output down-converted at CCU
  • Flawless signal transmission offered by use of digital optical fiber cable up to 3.000 meter with CCU power
  • Ability to operate self-contained (without CCU) with standard provision of HD-SDI from camera head
  • 5-inch high resolution B/W CRT (4:3) viewfinder
    VF-HD500 available for EFP use
  • 2-inch high resolution B/W CRT (16:9) viewfinder VF-402E available for ENG use
  • VF Focus assist (VF Area marker, Focus indicator and quage available for camera man easy shotting)
  • Cameraman VF video is always HD even if returns are SD digital
  • CCU Return signal inputs can be HD or SD,
  • Incorporates advanced video control functions:
    Full automatic setup using gray scale
  • Direct data transfer from memory cards
  • HD signal linear masking & 12-vector color painting separate from SD signal outputs
  • Ultra gamma (gama table: 7 different settings)
  • Black stretch
  • Preset masking (6 settings: DEFAULT, ITU-709, SMPTE-240M, SMPT-WIDE, NTSC, EBU)
  • Flesh-tone masking and multiple memories flesh-tone detail correction settings
  • Full detail signal parameter controls for HD signal separate from the SD signal outputs
  • Knee saturation and aperture function
  • Pre-gamma level controls for fine reproduction of dark areas
  • Real time and offline diagnostic system with character display superimposed on PIX video output
  • Analog genlock or HD tri-level sync capable
Product images

1080i 2/3-inch
1 Mpixel 3 x IT CCD
Bayonet lens mount
16 : 9 format
> 800 TV lines of HDTV resolution (high-mix mode 970TVL)
14 bit A/D converters
S / N ratio: 58dB
Sensitivity 2000 lux
@ f10
Filter :1 x manuel optical filter wheel: 1.Clear, 2.Cross, 3:1/16ND, 4:1/64ND
ECC: 3200K, 4300K, 5600K, 6300K, 8000K
Mass: 2.2 kg (head only)
Power consumption: 16W (head only)
DC-Out: 12V/1A (camera adapter)
AC-Out: 220V / 100W (camera adapter)

Note: This camera is shown with additional accessories.

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