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Multi-Format Digital HDTV Production Camera
2.6 Mpix multi-format HDTV production camera

The SK-HD1300 is a multi-format portable HDTV Studio camera. Its new MOS sensors, each having 2.6 million pixels produce outstanding imaging performance. The camera offers progressive HD images due to Hitachi's implementation of the latest 3-MOS imaging technology. New achievements in high sensitivity and no vertical smear have been reached as a result.

Hitachi's advanced digital signal processing

Each essential part of the Hitachi SK-HD1300 camera system has its own DSP processor. Different DSP ICs are used independently for the HDTV camera head processing, the transmission system and the Camera Control Unit (CCU) processing. The new, power efficient Hitachi's DSP processors are designed to work with any new 2K imaging technology that is in the near future thus, offering a high R.O.I. (return on investment).

An outstanding overall signal-to-noise ratio specification of 62dB is achieved by use of our own low-noise circuit technology. The standard sensitivity is rated at F10@59.94Hz (SK-HD1300)/F11@50Hz (SK-HD1300E) with 2000 lx. Even at high gain, clear images are obtained with little noise. Also high horizontal resolution performance of 1100TVL (Luminance channel) is the pinnacle of picture sharpness and is an attribute to the claim of having the most transparent signal processing path of any Hitachi digital camera manufactured to date.

Real-time Lens Aberration Correction (RLAC)

Modern HDTV lenses can still produce optical distortions. One of these called "Lateral chromatic aberration" can be reduced in certain lens models when used with the SK-HD1300 camera system. The Hitachi function is called RLAC (Real-time Lens Aberration Correction) and it dynamically corrects images using correction data provided by the lens, through a digital interface with the camera.

Product images

Luminance response tools:
- Black Gamma
- Black Stretch
- Ultra-Gamma
Color reproduction tools:
- Triple Masking
- Preset Masking
- Knee Saturation
- Chroma Saturation

Picture sharpness tools:
- Skin tone Detail
- High-chroma Detail

Other Useful Production Features:
- Gray-Scale automatic
- Focus Assist
- Prompter and Floor
   Monitor Digital Video
- Choise of various CCU
- Choise of various
   Remote Panels
- Choise of various


Note: This camera is shown with additional accessories.


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