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High Performance, Multi-format Compact, HDTV Box Camera

The DK-H200 is a high-performance special application HDTV camera that is ideal for point of view and remote observation applications. With its new developed 2.6 million pixels 3-MOS sensor, the DK-H200 provides outstanding performance. The camera offers sharper and cleaner HD images due to Hitachi's implementation of the latest digital processing technology. The camera achieves outstanding high sensitivity and no vertical smear specification.

  • Image Sensor
  • Multi-format
  • High sensitivity and Signal to Noise ratio
  • Full Auto
  • DSP(Digital Signal Processing) provide advanced image handling and adjustment functions
  • Extensive User-Friendly Features
Product images

2.6 million pixels 2/3-inch native 1080p MOS image sensor

Video format: 1080p, 1080i, 720p
Frame rate: 59.94 Hz, 50 Hz, 60 Hz

Bayonet lens mount
1100 lines of HDTV resolution (1080i)
14 bit A/D converter
Low-noise circuit technology (60dB SNR)
Standard sensitivity is F12 (59.94 Hz), F13 (50 Hz) at 2000 lx
99(W) x 105(H) x 155(D) mm
Weight: approx.1.3 kg, power consumption approx.18W
Remote control: via ethernet or multi connector
Output: 15-pin D-SUB Connector for VF

Note: This camera is shown with additional accessories.

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